Framework Consulting

Framework Consulting is an established management consultancy created in 1993 by Rakesh Bajpai.

We specialise in working with leaders across global organisations, helping them to implement ambitious transformational change. We do this through promoting and fostering innovation and innovative behaviours at senior levels and being really clear upfront what success looks and feels like.

Our core skills lie in an ability to create diverse and longstanding relationships and extend these generously and entrepreneurially across ‘our world’ to inject new impetus and thinking.

In short we work as highly informed catalysts with highly ambitious leaders.

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Client Testimonials

  • Delphi Mechatronics
    "At the time my division was taken over by Delphi, we entered troubled waters with my team. We had to revisit our vision and strategies, and reinforce the strong feeling of trust with a newly re-composed management team. My new HR manager introduced Rakesh and his team to us. We worked together several times and every time we learned how to reinforce our team creating superior performance through enjoying working together in a collaborative way. Results were outstanding and even today, more than 10 years later, we all remember the great time we had with Rakesh and how much he kept inspiring our actions along the years."
    Patrick Favre - former General Manager at Delphi Mechatronics Systems Europe

Framework Consulting Services Ltd Company number 02968888 VAT 806 2284 44
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Tel +44 7739 684568